Hologram Stickers

With changing times, Hologram Labels and Stickers have also become the preferred choice of many manufacturing companies that are engaged in manufacturing of products for regional and international markets. As Hologram labels are easy to apply on product, these stickers are difficult option for counterfeiters to duplicate or black market the product. Further, as process of manufacturing Hologram sticker is unique, it becomes equally difficult for the stickers to reproduce.

These Hologram Stickers are meant to make the products more attractive with its 3-D photographic appearance that made these stickers more vibrant colorful and shiny. These are highly suitable for labelling high quality products.

Triad offers Hologram Stickers / Labels for a variety of security applications to protect your brand, products, etc.

  • Combat counterfeiting & fakes

  • Prevent alterations

  • Indicate tempering

  • It has multi security features, mainly tamper evident that ensure self-destruction of stickers when removed.

    We offer Hologram Security Stickers with following features mainly;

  • Dot Matrix Hologram

  • 2D/3D Hologram with and without Serial numbering

  • True Color Hologram

  • Digital Hologram

  • Kinematic Movement Hologram

  • Micro Text Hologram

  • Flip Flop Hologram

  • Colors: Silver, Golden and color stickers also available.
    Size: Any size as per your requirement.
    Shape: Round, Square, special die cut.
    Design: As per provided artwork, customized as per requirement.
    Quantity: We can discuss, as per requirement.

    Hologram Security Labels Hologram Security Stickers Supplier Karachi Pakistan

    Here is the list of Industries benefiting from the use of our security hologram stickers;

  • Cosmetics & Perfumes

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Educational Institutions

  • Consumer Electronics

  • Media Ė Software, CDís & DVDís

  • Electronics / Engineering

  • Mobiles Phones

  • Banking Cards

  • Telecommunication

  • Banking Documents

  • Publishing House

  • Documents Authentication Stickers

  • You might be the next!

  • Apart from above, we also introducing High-tech Anti Counterfeit solution with our associate foreign partner for volume-based running brands only.

    We offer Label and Non-Label sm@rt solution for todayís need. Contact us freely for more details of your requirement!

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